AFA-MAMA BoP 10 AUGUST 2022 Members


AFA-MAMA BoP 10 AUGUST 2022 Members

“Business Over Picnic” AUGUST
BBQ at The Enlisted Heritage House
11am – 1pm
Selfridge ANGB




AFA’s “Business Over Picnic” AUGUST
WEDNESDAY  10 August 11am – 1pm
Selfridge ANGB
BBQ at The Enlisted Heritage House

409 Lufberry, Selfridge ANGB, Mi 48045

Burgers, bratwurst, smoked/pulled pork, and more
Speakers TBD but including State Senator Mike MacDonald with a State Legislative Update

The Selfridge Military Air Museum is located on a secure military installation. For security reasons, all individuals without a U.S. Government ID card, Common Access Card (CAC), or Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) card are required to have a mandatory security background check performed for a Visitor’s Pass before they will be allowed access to the Base and the Museum.

Accordingly, your checkout process will require you to supply additional information which is mandatory and listed below for your convenience.

Contact Email (mandatory)
Phone Number (mandatory)
Guest Full Name (mandatory)
Guest Date of Birth (mandatory)
Guest Driver License Number and State of Issue (mandatory)
Citizenship (US, or other) (mandatory)

This advanced pre-approval will ensure the visitor will have a hassle-free entry experience.

Mandatory requirements when arriving on June 8th at the Main Gate:
Current and valid U.S. driver’s license
Current vehicle registration
Proof of vehicular insurance
Social security cards or some documentation showing your SSAN must be presented to Security personnel to fulfill these mandatory requirements.
Visitors will be denied access if on a government watchlist, convicted warrant, warrant, or felon.

The base security will perform the background check at the main gate entrance to the base.

Approval for entry to Selfridge ANG Base to visit the Selfridge Military Air Museum requires visitors to proceed via a designated route directly to the museum. This entry approval does not allow said visitor(s) to access other Base areas.

Citizens of another country (both adults and children) require approximately 30 days’ advance notice to the Museum’s Executive Director for coordination.



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